Photographing the Extreme with Vanguard Professional Uros Podlogar

Photographing the Extreme with Vanguard Professional Uros Podlogar

September 11, 2015 , Vanguard USA

Text and Images by Vanguard Professional Uros Podlogar

Published by Vanguard USA

I am attracted to the extreme lifestyle and my photography often leads in that direction. To be honest, I enjoy extreme and crazy photo projects the most.

I met gymnast Filip some time ago, when I was an amateur photographer, wishing to go pro. I thought back then that if I wanted to succeed in photography, I'd need a great portfolio, and so, projects with potential for some good photos were always appealing to me. Filip and I did some photos just for fun. I took photos of him doing extreme gymnastic poses. At that time I thought those photos were perfect and that is wouldn't be possible to create better ones. Today, I look at them with a smile on my face. They are a nice memory of my photography beginnings and a reminder of what kind of progress I've made since then.

After our first "just for fun" photo shoot, I started developing as a professional photographer and Filip started cooperating with another gymnast, Blaz. They created the F&B Acrobatics team, won a big talent show in Slovenia and became stars, giving extreme gymnastics performances for the public. Check out their web site here. Soon afterward, we met again and did another photo project. This time it was on a professional level for all of us.

Many more projects have followed since then. Every time they have a need for more promotional photos or every time we get a new, crazy idea for a photo shoot, we meet and have fun and take photos. On stand up paddle boards on the Bohinj lake, on the streets of Ljubjana downtown, on a water dam, on the sidewalks, bridges and stairways ... - those are our photo scenes!

The results are the photos that I am really proud of. Taken with proper photo equipment and, more importantly, proper photo experience and knowledge, they represent me as a professional extreme photographer and Filip & Blaz as professional extreme gymnasts.

I am looking forward to more crazy projects with Filip and Blaz!

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